Regular orders

A regular weekly order (bread subscription) takes the hassle out of putting in separate orders every few weeks, and means that you won’t miss out!

One subscription is for one loaf of bread once a week (paid 4 weeks in advance). For House white and Millers’ rye you can collect or have this delivered on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. For Seed loaf, [insert name of new flavour here], and Fruit loaf we only bake these once a week.

Buy more than one subscription if you want a bit of variety and/or bread more than once a week.

You can manage your subscription in your account. Your account is set up at the time of ordering. You can also ask for weekly deliveries over the phone.

Online subscriptions are not available on croissants and pastries.


Subscriptions are set up so that you pay for 4 weeks in advance (i.e. for 4 loaves). Payments are automatically drawn from your credit or debit card.

Tawonga Baker holidays

Tawonga Baker is a small family run micro-bakery and sometimes we need to take a little time out. If we are not baking on a day you have a subscription order we will offer you a refund for the bread on order, or you can transfer the order to a different day.

Subscription holidays

Subscription holidays are available on request.

Just let us know when you don’t need bread. We will refund you for want you don’t receive.

Cancelling or transferring a subscription

You can cancel a subscription at any time (log into your account and click subscription, then ‘cancel subscription’). If you cancel within 3 days of a scheduled subscription delivery we will still have to charge for that bread as we will have already started making it.

Transferring a subscription is not possible.