About Tawonga Baker

Tawonga Baker is a small family-run micro-bakery located in Tawonga in the beautiful upper Kiewa Valley. We make organic sourdough bread, as well as croissants and pastries. We sell direct to the public, through local shops, and to local cafes and restaurants. We can also deliver locally if needed.

When our family moved to Tawonga in 2017, we found the closest bakery regularly making fresh crusty sourdough bread was 30km or more away. So we started making it ourselves. Growing from what was initially a solution to a minor shopping problem, we now make and sell a small production run of bread three days a week. We also make croissants and pastries, simply because we think they are delicious!

We believe the best food you can get is food made fresh with simple seasonal ingredients. We also want to make our bread and pastries as sustainability and ethically as we can. We only use organic flour that is grown and milled in Australia and try to find local suppliers for as many of our other ingredients as possible. We also use food grown on our own property - Mount Emu Farm.

Since moving from the city we haven’t looked back. However, there is still much for us to learn and do. We now produce all of the fruit used on our danishes. We also plan to make pickles, chutneys and jams using our seasonal produce and to add these to our product lines.

Lastly a big shout out to our family, friends and neighbours for testing recipes and providing unwavering support and encouragement! We couldn’t have done it without you.